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Hot lesbian 3d porn

3d lesbian sex

I know what is missing on my blog! A hot lesbian 3d porn! If you’re interested in these kind of pictures you’ll love today’s post.
Kelly and Rebeca have always liked each other very much. But they didn’t know that they might be a lesbians.
Kelly was single and Rebeca has been married for a two years. But one day, when Rebeca’s husband wasn’t home she invited Kelly to her place. They were talking and drinking as usual. However after two bottles of wine Rebeca told Kelly that she liked her and has always wanted to fuck her! Kelly thought that it was a joke and told: “Oh yeah, fuck me as hard as you can!”. Rebeca got closer and kissed her hard. Their tongues were touching each other. Kelly pushed her away from her, but after few second she kissed her with more power! They were kissing and pulling away their clothes. Kelly flicked open the bra of Rebeca, exposing her perfect breasts. Then she started to lick them. Kelly’s tongue was so warm and soft that Rebeca started moaning loud! She heard Rebeca’s soft hiss as she sucked on her breast. “Yeeeaaaah! You dirty slut! I want to taste your pussy! Rebeca took Kelly’s panties down and started eating her amazing twat! Of course she was wet.. Rebeca liked the sweetness of her juices on her nice tongue. After that she showed her favorite toy. After a couple orgasms later she said that it was her best sex experience and she would like to repeat it some time later.

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